Community Partner

The following are organizations that have joined as our partners in developing this data portal

Marine Research Laboratory (MEAL)

Marine Research Laboratory (MEAL) is a scientific laboratory in Marine Science that focused on exploiting the potential of marine resources by applying the understanding and principles of marine resource conservation with coverage in the fields of hydro-oceanography, conservation, and marine biotechnology. Previously, MEAL had grants from Padjadjaran University of Padjadjaran to develop a marine instrument called RHEA.


KOMITMEN is a study group in Marine Science study program that focused on marine survey and instrumentation. It also has some research and discussion focus areas, such as Land-sea dynamic, Marine geology and sedimentation, Water column and its circulation, Ocean atmosphere interaction, and Instrumentation and marine technical survey.

Marine Science Institute (MSI)

Marine Science Institute (MSI) is one of seven academic institutes of the University of the Philippines’ College of Science. The MSI offers MSc and Ph.D. degrees in Marine Science and the Professional Masters in Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management (PM-TMEM). Students taking either degree are asked to choose to specialize in a specific field, either Marine Biology, Marine Physical Science, or Marine Biotechnology.


Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) is an international forum under the license of the United Nations Development Program. AIS around the globe face common development challenges that inhibit their ability to facing existential threats that include climate change, natural disasters, marine pollution, marine plastic debris, unsustainable fisheries, and ocean sustainability, all of which seriously risk survivability of these nations.