Ocean Climate-Society: Sustainability Summer Course

01 May 2022 - 25 Aug 2022 | Administrator

In 2015 the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with 17 interconnected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) addressing the global challenges of poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace, and justice.

This course will employ the SDGs as a platform from which to gain a comprehensive understanding of planetary sustainability. This includes building skills for interdisciplinary cooperation needed for humanity to thrive for generations to come, simultaneously avoiding large-scale abrupt or irreversible environmental change. The course aims at recruiting a highly interdiscliplinary student group to facilitate incorporating individual differences of opinions and actions, cultural and social backgrounds and learning negotiating across these differences.

 SDG20 is an interdisciplinary course, with a particular focus on SDG14 (Life below water) and SDG13 (Climate action). The course further showcases SDG17 (Partnerships), while at all times reflecting upon how all SDGs are embedded and interlinked within the Agenda 2030. 

In 2022 the course will take place on board Staatsraad Lehmkuhl in the Pacific Ocean (see more details under "Teaching and learning methods"). Living and studying onboard will facilitate active and experiential learning. Working in teams will highlight the importance of cooperation whether sailing a tall ship or contributing towards a sustainable future. Multiple stops in Pacific island countries, including a longer stay in Fiji, allow the students to interact with and learn from local communities and experience first-hand how life in the Pacific region is connected to the ocean and climate. 

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