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Utilization of Polymetallic Nodules The Metals Company (TMC) for Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Use

7 months ago - Administrator

    Currently, technological advances are increasingly supporting the development of new innovative and efficient, especially in the automotive sector. One of the innovative develo...

COP26: Is Our Effort Enough to Help the Earth?

8 months ago - Administrator

As we all know, the earth is getting warmer year by year and facing climate change as the effect of the global warming that is caused by the gases that are trapped in the atmosphere. Those gases are c...


8 months ago - Administrator

You may see a lot of waves along the beach, did you know how the waves are formed? Based on the article in NOAAâ€â&ac...

The Tropical Atmosphere Ocean Array (TAO): A System which Provides Year-to-year Climate Variations Related to ENSO

8 months ago - Administrator

Image 1. TAO mooringSource:  With the vastness of the ocean that is still unexplored, along with the development of science, the development of marine instrume...

“The Devil’s Eye” in The Gulf of Mexico

1 year ago - Administrator

There has been a terrible fire in the Yucatan Peninsula,The Gulf of Mexico on Friday (20/07) at 05:15 local time. The fire broke out at seasurface due to a leak in an undersea pipeline near the offsho...

Death Valley in USA Experiences an Extreme Temperature Increase Due to The Climate Change

1 year ago - Administrator

Sunday afternoon (11/07/2021),Furnance Creek Visitors Center recorded that Death Valley has the hottesttemperature that matched the previous record in the summer of 1913 by the WorldMetrological Organ...

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