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The BP2D Team's Assessment of RHEA-ARHEA and PODC as the Top 45 and Top 21 of the 2022 West Java Innovation Competition

1 month ago - Administrator

Following up on the Decree of the Governor of West Java Number: 067.05/Kep.673-BP2D/2022 concerning the 2022 West Java Innovation Competition Independent Assessment Team where innovation products from...

The Emergence of Carbon Dioxide Gas from South Sea Storms

1 month ago - Administrator

The world's southernmost ocean, the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica plays an important role in global climate because of its carbon dioxide waters. Nicholson et al. (2022) conducted research...

One of The Largest Dead Zone in The Coastal Waters Around The World: The Gulf of Mexico

1 month ago - Administrator

Coastal waters in many parts of the world are vulnerable to anthropogenic flows carried by rivers to estuaries and coastal areas at various scales. The acceleration of industrialization and modern agr...

Effects of Climate Change on the Petrel Bulwer Population in the NE Atlantic Ocean

1 month ago - Administrator

Climate change continues to be a deep concern and problem for marine ecosystems. Starting from the late 20th century, ocean warming has more than doubled. These changes have resulted in shifts in mari...

Does Acidification Affect The number of Diatoms?

1 month ago - Administrator

Diatoms have an essential role in the ocean as producers of biomass and help in the transport of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere to the deep ocean. Scientists at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center f...

Mangrove Forests in Australia Tend to Grow According to A Roughly 18-Year Lunar Cycle, a New Study Finds

1 month ago - Administrator

Mangrove forests are formations of specific plants and are generally found growing and developing in protected coastal areas in the tropics and subtropics. The word mangrove itself comes from a combin...

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